Monday, February 22, 2010

Sentimental Sunday - 02/21/10


While looking through my mother's scrapbook for something to post for Sentimental Sunday I found this Valentine that I gave my mother in 1967.

I didn't realize it was there or could I have posted it last week for Valentine's Day!  I also found the obituaries and funeral cards for an aunt and uncle on my Dad's side of the family.  The one obituary actually gave the middle names of two of my uncles.  Dad had told me what their middle names were but I had never found written proof of it.  So I added the information to my tree and then ended up finding my grandfather's WW II Registration Card.  Somehow I missed it thinking I already had it and it ended up that what I already had was his WW I Registration Card.  I guess it pays to look back over records sometimes!  The WW II Registration Card had my grandpa's (Parrish Elmer TUCKER) middle name listed and it is the only place I found that documented it and it had his signature.


  1. That is all really wonderful news! It's like finding gold! :-) That's a really pretty Valentine too, I'm sure your Mom must have loved it if she saved it that long!

  2. That is sweet. Isn't wonderful to be able to have that.