Monday, March 1, 2010

Madness Monday - 03-01-10

I guess my madness today comes from a record I posted on my tree.  I added a record to my tree, then had to leave for an appointment and wasn't done with adding the source for the record, came back from my appointment to finish adding the details for the source of the record, and someone had already attached the record to their own tree!  Don't get me wrong...I prefer to be the type of genealogist that shares information and records that I find.  It just made me feel like a vulture had swooped down and grabbed what they could.  I have debated about changing my tree to private but I really would rather share.  If I change it to private I guess it would force them to contact me but I know some people aren't comfortable doing that and I understand, I really do but if I find something on someone's tree that I could use I usually try and send a message to them to let them know how we are related and give them my email address so we can share information.  Maybe I am just being sensitive but man I wasn't gone an hour!  So do I continue to share my tree or go private??

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  1. Alice - I don't use Ancestry trees, for this exact reason. Not that I mind sharing my information BUT, there are too many trees out there that source another's tree and then another and another... errors in research are repeated over and over again and information posted is simply copied to another's tree - this bothers me, as it seems their true goal is just to add more names. I look at the trees to get in touch with other researchers who are tracing the same line, and often they couldn't tell you where they got the information in their tree other that "One World Tree". If I "challenge" information that I deem to be incorrect, I often get no response, or a reply that states they found it in "The Tree". I may never be contacted by someone through Ancestry because I don't have a tree out there, but it's not the only way to show up in a search and I'd much rather they find me by tripping over my blog in a google search and getting in touch with me directly. Just my two cents. -cindy