Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fearless Females - 03-03-10

I share my first name with my great aunt.  I do remember meeting her when I was a child.  (I just realized I need to add her to my online tree too!)  I use Family Tree Maker 2010, but since I have an iPhone, I have found that I like using my tree.  There is an app called Tree to Go that shows me all my records I have on my ancestry tree.  I just need to get the two of them up to par with each other!

I have been tracking down my Dad's brothers and sisters.  Talk about unusual names!  There were nine of them and their first names all start with a V.  I used to tease my Dad that grandma and grandpa TUCKER started making them up!  I have been able to find some kind of record for all but one uncle.  I did find a record in the SS Death Index but I am not certain it is him but I met him when I was a child so I know he existed and he is mentioned in an aunt's obituary that I found.
Here are the names of my aunts and uncles on my Dad's side (none are living) and I have included their nicknames:
Virgil Delmer (he went by Slim)
Versie May (she died as a child)
Viletha (Dad said that her name was Vi Letha and that she combined it into one name but I haven't found a record to confirm that yet)
Velvert Lee (he went by Lee)
Vola Ermon (he went by Vobe)
Vester Eulon (he went by Vess)
Viola Pearl (she went by Dee Dee)
Violet Valjean (she went by Doll)
Velma Isabella (she died as a child) 
According to death certificates, Versie and Velma both died from the same thing.

I guess I got off subject with this post but I wanted to share the unusual names of my aunts and uncles.

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  1. I just am not tech savy and probably just as well as I try to save up for retirement around the corner. I'd like to ask here if you don't mind, how the i phone works with your ancestry tree. Email alerts, or what is it. Guess I should google I phone.

    I know I should start making a to do list. one list would be look ups on google for gadgets. I had to look up scribbler too.
    I was named after an aunt also, who was closest to my birthday. Your blog was inspiring for me, thanks.