Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - 03/17/10

Today for Wordless Wednesday I am positively wordless (speechless) myself.  I have a friend that works at the Champaign County Historical Archive Room, she also works at the local Family History Center at the LDS church.  Anyway, I have learned so much from all the various blogs I read and I was sharing with her some of the web sites that I found out about through these blogs.  I got an email from her saying that I should write down all the web sites I shared with her and how it would make a nice handout for a presentation that I could give at the Champaign County Historical Society meeting in August and since I am not a member of the group they would pay me a 30 dollar speakers fee!  Yep...I was speechless.  I told her I would consider it but talk about stepping out of my comfort zone!  My daughter knows how to make a PowerPoint presentation and my best friend Linda said she would help too.  I guess I need to get my thoughts together to see if I can put together a 30 to 45 minute presentation.


  1. I don't even know what a power point presentation is. It surely is a honor. I would never be able to do so. I hope one leads to another for you if you enjoy it. Best luck.

  2. I am learning how to put together a PowerPoint presentation. It won't be anything fancy with bullet points or music or fading in and out but hopefully it will have information they didn't know!