Saturday, January 16, 2010

Surname Saturday - 01/16/10

This is a photo of my Uncle Francis Wayne FERGUSON. He died during WW II. The photo is courtesy of my cousin Connie Keller Baker. I got a display case for Christmas that I am going to put the flag that was draped over his coffin, his Purple Heart, and this photo. I also have some other paperwork that came with the Purple Heart that I will post at a later time.
Here are some other FERGUSON's that I have been researching:

b. 15 October 1813
Southampton, VA
d. 02 August 1894
Shelby, IL

Zachariah FERGUSON\
b. 1779
Southampton, VA
d. 1817
Southampton, VA

b. 11 September 1729
Poquoson, York, VA
d. 03 July 1778
Southampton, VA

I have been trying to find proof that Zachariah is the son of John.


  1. You are very lucky to have any artifacts at all.

  2. My Uncle Vallee had all the Purple Heart stuff from my Uncle Wayne. When my grandmother died I guess it all went to Vallee. He ended up sending it to my oldest brother. Since I was the one getting into genealogy he gave everything to me. He had it stored in a garage for 15 years! I am putting it all in a display case. The first thing I had to do was fold the flag properly.